The reason for Treasure Hunting in the Philippines


Many Treasure Hunters across the globe are visiting the Philippines due to its precious hidden treasures. The story began when the Spaniards came to colonize the country until the Japanese reign. Time had continuously passed and finally the war had come to an end. If you wish to know more about the history of the Philippines then perhaps visiting Wikipedia is a good option.

Now to tell you the reason why this country is full of treasures, the Spaniards had left most of their valuable items on this land. Most of these items today are now considered antique and they are rarely found in the possession of the elders. Although, some are still hidden which could either be buried somewhere else or completely rotten out to time.

The Japanese people came to conquer the land after the Spaniards and there are claims that they took along with them their most precious Golden Buddha. They are commonly known as the Yamashita Treasures and this is what most treasure hunters are after. If you made some historical research about the Philippines regarding the Japanese reign then you should probably know that the Filipinos had claimed their freedom through the help of the great American General Mac Arthur.

The Filipino people together with the Americans had worked together and fought the Japanese empire until they are forced to surrender. However, there are no reports regarding about the treasures and that’s probably to cover some aspects of the history that must not be told. There are even some issues that the Yamashita Treasure does not exist and it can never be found in the Philippines because the Japanese had managed to take it along with them.

To believe it or not there are already proof that some people from this land had accidentally found some buried treasure underground. Some have maps in their possession that aid them in their searches. To provide more proof, I already met several old individuals who are a witness of the previous war and on some part of their stories are these treasures buried by the Japanese soldiers.

Northern Forest of the Philippines

So if you are after some huge pile of treasure then Philippines is a good choice but you have to be warned that some region of this country could be threatening to conduct such activity. You might also need the best detector around that you can get because you are most likely going to dig a few meters deep down the ground.