Learning how to Dowse


There are various forms of dowsing rods but the most common form is the L-Rods. Its primary purpose is to search for a source of an oil supply underground but now it can also detect lost items. The reason of this tool’s capability is yet to be explained but the basis lies on the power of the intuition of the user.

There are many available dowsing products on the market and they are the cheapest type of detector. If you have some power tools then you can create your own customized dowsing rods. A simple hanger dress can be used or any material that can’t be easily bent.

Building your own dowsing tool requires precision on its measurements. You need to ask the professionals regarding about the specific measurements of its length. This can be done by participating on an active forum communities and creating the topic if it has not yet been discussed.

So how do we properly use a dowsing tool?

The L-Rods are to be held by your both hands. The longer length of the tool will act as the pointer and it must be maintained balanced horizontally. You must hold the dowsing rod in a relaxing manner because holding it firmly will cause some disturbances on the pointer.

Dowsing Rods
Before you conduct a dowsing operation, you need to clear you mind and focus on the task of locating your target. If you are having some trouble in trying to concentrate then you might want to perform a few exercises or simply to take a rest.

Locating lost item with this kin of tool involves practice unlike the electronic equipment where all you have to do is put the power on, make a few adjustment then you are ready to detect.

When dowsing, it is highly suggested not to walk around. You must remain on a standing position then allow your detector to pick up a signal. If nothing happens then you have to move into another area then do the same procedure.

Treasure hunting is one of my favorite hobby and for this reason I posses several dowsing tool used on our expedition. Through the help of these tools, I happen to uncover an antique missile bombs with a depth of around ten meters. It is one of my best findings that I can boast about.

Moreover, the use of this simple tool on your searches really requires some patience on the practice part. It could only take months of even years of before you can provide good results. Anyway, the most important part is that you really love and enjoy what you are doing.