Treasure Codes and Signs


Most hidden treasures came with a symbol where the one responsible for hiding the object can easily retrieve it back. You also need to be aware that they put some deadly traps such as bom bs and poi son but they usually indicate them with a warning sign that only few can read and understand. Bom bs are usually indicated by a Skull sign while the Poison as Coiled Snakes. When you encounter such symbols on your treasure hunting site then you must take caution.

All over the world there are treasures hidden by the Pirates, lost Civilization and the Japanese from the last World War II. Those treasures that are hidden by the Pirates are harder to hunt because they are commonly found under the water. Lost Civilization such as the Ancient Egypt requires a lot of digging and excavation because it has been buried due time. The only possible treasures that can be easily claimed are those that are recently hidden.

Treasure Hunters can easily find what they are searching for provided that they have complete reference such as the Map and knowledge about the Codes. If you do not have these references then the only tool that you can rely is your best detector and it will require you a lot of work trying to cover the entire suspected area.

Browsing the internet for Codes and Symbol will provide you a very few information where you need to go to an online store. You can check out the Amazon or Ebay for any available products. If you can’t find anything then the last method is to ask on various related forum about Treasure Hunting. Some might even provide you a free copy.

Pirate Treasure

Moreover, you have to know that not all Treasure Codes and Symbols are internationally used. The symbol used by the Japanese is completely different from those that are used by the Pirates or Egyptians. So if your intention is to search for a lost item hidden by the Pirates then you have to find the code relates about them.

I have my own Japanese Treasure code collection where I got it from a friend. I’m thinking about posting it on this blog but the copies are not clearly good enough to be viewed where I have to make some editing. Photoshop is a very nice complicated tool that I’m currently using. If you wish to obtain a copy then you have to patiently wait for a few more days because there are still a hundreds of unedited codes that are left for me to work on.