Treasure Codes and Signs


Most hidden treasures always comes with engraved signs or symbols so that the one responsible for hiding them can easily retrieve it back later. But, you also need to be aware that the majority of hidden treasures are equipped with deadly traps such as bom bs and poi sons. It's a good thing though that there are signs that also indicates them. They are warning signs that only well-experienced treasure hunters can read and understand.

In Japanese hidden treasures, Bom bs are usually indicated by Skulls while the poisons are in the form of Coiled Snakes. When you encounter such symbols on your treasure hunting site then it means that you have to proceed with extra caution.

Pirate Treasure

Around the world, there are treasures hidden by Pirates, lost Civilization and Armies from the last previous World War II. Those treasures that were hidden by the pirates were a lot harder to find because they can only be found underwater or at the bottom of the sea. Lost civilization such as the Ancient Egypt requires a lot of digging and excavation because most of them has already been buried deeply with sands. The only possible treasures with good chances of recovering them are those that were recently hidden in World War II.

Treasure Hunting References

Treasure Hunters can find what they are trying to search with the help of references such as maps and treasure codes. If you do not have these kind of references then only the best metal detector can help you out. But even if you own the best metal detector around, still, finding the object involves a lot of work and time.

Browsing the internet for Treasure Codes and Symbols, you will be presented with endless result. The problem is that, they are all just mere codes and symbols without any interpretation. In that kind of situation, they are useless unless there's someone whom you knew who can understand their meaning and clearly explain them to you.

Some results that I found are products from the Amazon and eBay. Perhaps they are better references because it is for sure that the author do have good explanations about them. You just have to buy their product.

However, there are still some rare signs that you may encounter on your treasure hunting activity that is very unfamiliar to any expert. I myself admit that I am not fully familiar with all of the codes on my references. This is the reason why I had to open my references when somebody asks something about a sign that they had found. If you cannot find your sign in any of your references then my suggestion is to ask it on various treasure hunting forums.

Treasure Codes and Symbols are Not International

You have to know that every set of treasures codes or symbols does not apply to all hidden treasures around the world. Treasures were hidden by different group of individuals at different period of time. Thus, it is not possible that the pirates used the same codes or symbols from that of the Egyptians. The same thing goes for the Japanese, Spanish, Nazi and etc...

Therefore, if your goal is to search for the lost or hidden pirate treasures then you have to acquire code-references that are related to them. To tell you, there are rumors that some pirates in the past had hidden their looted treasures in some certain isolated islands with caves.

When it comes to my expertise in the field of interpreting treasure signs and symbols, I am more knowledgeable in Japanese signs. I actually spent several years in the Philippines hunting for hidden Japanese treasures and fortunately, I had some luck recovering some of them. Aside from the Japanese treasure signs are the Egyptian treasure. I had also started studying other foreign treasure codes wherein I really find them very interesting and surprising to learn.

As I already mentioned above, I have my own complete set of Japanese treasure codes in which I got it from various fellow treasure hunters in the Philippines. I am planning on sharing them all here on my blog but I'm pretty sure that the majority of you will find it useless because it lacks some explanation. So my plan is, I am going to discuss each of the codes one-at-a-time.

Japanese Treasure References

My references actually consists of over a thousand pages. This means that I am going to publish equal number of pages on this blog. In fact, I had already started discussing them. You can check them out under the Categories (located at the right sidebar) labeled as "Signs and Codes".