Treasure Codes and Signs


Most hidden treasures particularly large deposits usually have clues that were left behind by the people who hid them. They are “engraved signs or symbols” marked on the surfaces of the surrounding objects such as rocks and trees. The main reason for this is to allow them or somebody to be able to recover the hidden treasure at a later period of time.

“Treasure codes and signs” really does play a very important role in finding the hidden item. Without them, it may be impossible to locate the treasure. Aside from providing clues into the location of the hidden deposit, they can also give early warnings about “deadly traps” such as bombs and poisons. Yes, such kind of dangerous traps exists to prevent inexperienced THs from attempting to recover the treasures.

Why do People in the Past Loves to Hide Large Pile of Treasures?

There are varied reasons about why people in the past had to hide large piles of treasures. But the most common and obvious reason is that, “so that no one can take it away from them”.

Pirate Treasure

One of the most popular hidden treasures around the world being search by THs today are those that were hidden by the “Pirates”. According to history, pirates were criminal thieves of the seas. They actually love to plunder villages by taking everything that were valuable especially gold coins. However, most sources claims that they usually hid their treasures on small undiscovered islands, caves or dropped them down at a certain bottom part of the sea that they only knew about.

Another group of people particularly in the ancient period that had hidden large amount of precious treasures were “lost civilizations” (such as the ancient “Egyptian Empire”). It is indeed very surprising to know that “gold” and “jewelries” are already considered valuable in the ancient period of time. However, any attempt of recovering these kinds of treasure especially for personal gain is now considered a crime. It is because they are considered as “National Treasures” where they deserve to be placed at the museums for study purposes.

Hidden treasures that are considered “safe” from the law of the National Treasures which can be recovered by any THs were the “war loots” in the previous World War I and II. These war loots were confiscated valuable items by the military armies who were able to invade a foreign land that they successfully attacked. A good example was the Japanese Imperial Army who looted most of the Asian countries in World War II. Then at the time of their near defeat, they managed to hide them particularly in the Philippines. Another similar case were the “Nazi Empire” of Germany.

Treasure Hunting Code References

Thanks to the internet that treasure code references are now made available to anyone who are engage into treasure hunting activity. There are even some websites and blogs sharing copies of t-maps. Although, there is no guarantee if they are authentic or not.

The only problem when it comes to all copies of treasure codes and signs references is that, there are “no detailed” explanation or interpretation to each of them. There are only short descriptions such as “inside rock”, “under”, “10 yards” and etc…

So what if you only found an “X” mark?

An X marking when it comes to TH-ing references has several different meanings. It generally means target, object, spot, stop and danger. You actually have very little information that you are still left clueless on what exactly you have to do. Thus, my common advice on a situation like this is to “search for more signs around”.

You have to know that people who had hidden their treasures won’t just left one clue alone. There is absolutely more than one sign that you will surely be able to find around. So keep looking!

Let’s say that you have found an “arrow sign” marked on an old tree nearby that is pointing directly into the X mark that you have found earlier. Arrow signs are just one among the symbols with very obvious meaning. All you have to do is simply to follow the direction where the head of the arrow is pointing at and that’s it.

Since you now know for a fact that the arrow sign is directly pointing into the X mark, you can now conclude that the X marking is a “spot that is worth checking out”. The arrow marking is what actually gave emphasis to the importance of the X sign.

What if there are no other signs that can be found around?

If no other signs can be found then the X mark has a strong possibility that it could be a “dud” or “fake sign”. Working on it could also be a bit risky as it might contain nothing but deadly traps.

Unfortunately, copies of treasure codes and signs online including TH-ing books seems to be incomplete. It is because as a TH with many years of actual experiences on this field of activity, I already encountered many other undocumented and rare signs around. So what I usually do is to take an actual photo of the sign then consult many other expert individuals for an accurate interpretation. As a result, I now have a collection of rare treasure codes and signs that I think only I possess.

Anyway, I’ll be sharing them to you for “free” right on this blog. Although, it will take some time since I am a busy person with plenty of many other important things to do in life.

Treasures Symbols or Signs are Not International

You have to know that treasures hidden by a certain specific group of people in the past had used their own unique set of treasure codes and symbols. These codes and symbols are only applicable when searching for the treasures that they had hidden. As an example, you cannot use Japanese treasure codes and signs to interpret hidden “European” treasures or vice-versa. This is the main reason about why “it is not international”. Thus, if your interest is to recover hidden pirate treasure then you have to acquire code references that are related to the pirates.

Japanese Treasure References

Moreover, I am open to anyone who has discovered any form of certain signs and doesn’t know their meanings. I will be happy to help you out with the interpretation provided that you have to give complete details about it. If you can provide photos then the better. You can send them into my email address or into my FaceBook page.