The Importance of Maps


Have you ever experience visiting a certain place and then suddenly you got lost where you do not exactly know which direction to go? As for me, I already had several experiences getting lost at a very unfamiliar places. This is the reason why I always have a map that I can use as a guide in finding my way around.

When it comes into the field of treasure hunting, speaking about map refers to a layout of a certain place with symbols and directions that helps you locate the hidden treasure. They are specifically known as "treasure maps".

There are rumors that the majority of large Japanese treasure deposits in the Philippines were plotted with maps. These maps were then kept hidden by the high-ranking Japanese military officials passing them down into their descendants for them to recover at a later period of time.

Treasure Map

I actually came across one Filipino-Japanese guy who possess a treasure map. According to him, his grandfather who was a Japanese General in World War 2 had given him the map. The problem was that, he doesn't know how to interpret or read the symbols on it. And worst, he had already approached various individuals who made a copy of his map just before he came to know me.

Moreover, some Japanese treasure maps are actually rendered useless because most places and landmarks has been changed through time. This is the reason why Japanese and Korean treasure hunters with treasure maps usually asks for old structures, paths and directions.

Updated Ordinary Maps

An updated ordinary type of map is also a very important tool for treasure hunters especially when the hunting ground is completely an unfamiliar territory to them. Without a map, there's a very high chances that you will get lost along the way. Your precious time are wasted so as your energy circling around the wrong path or directions.

Ordinary Map

It's actually easy to read and interpret a map. You just need a basis which is a location that you already know about. Start from that point following the route towards your target destination.

In some cases, you might already know a resident of the place that you intend to conduct your treasure hunting activity. You can contact and ask him to be your guide leading your way around the safest path. It's actually way better than relying on a map.

GPS or Global Positioning System

GPS are now available in the market. This is an electronic gadget that provides a huge coverage of a map with places within the line-of-sight of the GPS satellite. The most interesting feature of this device is that, you can zoom the map so close enough that you can view the actual street and structures around the area. If you are already familiar with the "Google Maps" then its basically the same as what a GPS device can do.


I think that GPS has already replaced ordinary printed maps. It's faster and it is very accurate. Right on the screen of the device, your exact location is indicated by a blinking dot. As you move from away from your original position perhaps for a few meters, you will notice that the dot also moved a short distance.

Overall, through an ordinary map or GPS device, you can visit unfamiliar places to hunt for treasures without having to worry about getting lost on your adventure.