The Risk of Digging Japanese Treasures


Philippines is an agricultural type of country. They are rich in resources and planting crops is their primary method of livelihood. However, Filipinos aren't aware that there is an incredible amount of wealth hidden in their country. They are Japanese Treasures consisting of valuable golden Buddhas, Gold Bars, Jewelries and Antiques.

Hunting for such treasures requires a lot of preparation such as Budget, Equipments, trusted members and etc... The most important thing to remember is that they have to keep in mind the risk that are involved.

The risks about digging hidden treasures by the Japanese is that they are clever enough to setup traps. They might have planted powerful vintage bombs or poisons that the diggers might inhale and could cause death. There are already rumors of such incident so it has to be taken-up seriously.

How to avoid such dangers and recover the treasures safely?

Use your metal detectors to locate any huge metallic object around the area. If your equipment reacts to a certain location then dig with caution since chances are, it might explode if it's a vintage bomb set to be detonated when disturbed.

Gas Mask

Wear your gas-mask especially when the soil emits an unnatural odor. It can be something stinky or the opposite which can be a sweet fragrant smell. Such odor coming from the soil might contain poisons and it is extremely dangerous when inhaled for long period of duration.

Other than the traps that has been setup, you should also be aware about the natural causes such as falling rocks from above. Take note that you might be digging a depth of over 10 to 15 feet. Another natural risk that you may encounter are snakes. This reptiles commonly lives on holes and cracks under the ground and there are chances that you may come across one of them.