Antique Avon Perfume Bottles Cash Value


Avon perfume products started way back in the late 1800’s by the California Perfume Company in New York City. The name was later changed into Avon by the early year of 1900’s which was also the time that their products started to become popular around the world.

Today, vintage or antique bottles of Avon products are being collected as a hobby. Some may even buy them at an expensive amount of price that you cannot imagine. But, what exactly is the reason why so many collectors wanted them so badly?

Avon products aren't actually just like any other ordinary cologne products around. Their perfumes are actually placed on well-designed bottles which can be used as decorative figurines. The company had already produced numerous designs in the past that they no longer re-produce today. This is what determines the price value of the old Avon bottles.

The older your Avon cologne bottle, the higher amount of price that the collector will most likely going to bid for your item.

Old Avon Bottles for Sale

If you are to visit, you will find plenty of old Avon bottles that are being auctioned. Due to the large number of offers, most of them range from 10 cents to 50 dollars price-value.

Many collectors are able to make money from eBay through buying-and-selling method. Those collectors who are knowledgeable about the appropriate value of Avon bottles will buy them from the seller at a very low price. They will then sell it back but this time with its proper price-tag which earns them some profit in return for their effort.

Some says that the most interesting part of collecting antique perfume bottles is when you are able to find one with some unused perfume that is left. For the hobbyist, the feeling is like you have found a precious treasure that you have been seeking for a very long time.

The History of Avon Company

Aside from what has been mentioned above, Avon was actually started by a man named ‘David H. McConnell’ who gives them away for free as incentive for buying his books. After realizing that his method wasn't working, he finally came up with a better idea of marketing his products.

California Perfume Company was then founded offering five floral fragrances and other essential items for everyday use. Since they haven’t published any brochure for about ten years, they had to visit individual homes of their costumers for demonstration purposes. Their representatives often had with them some samples that will most likely attract their customer to buy their products.

Today, Avon is now a very popular fragrance product because their brand name is well-known through out the world. They no longer need to send their representatives since they are now taking advantage of marketing their new products through the new-age technology of multi-medias.

The Magnificent Bottle Designs

One of the reasons why Avon was a great success was due to their magnificent bottle designs. This was actually a part of their marketing strategy but the most awesome aspect of their method is the skills of their bottle-designers.

For women and girls, there are various shapes of cute figurines that they can choose from such as cats, dogs, angels and etc… As for the men, there are cars, horses and other masculine figurines that are also available.