Commonly Asked Questions about Yamashita Treasure Signs


In order for me to minimize answering similar questions about a certain “Yamashita treasure sign, I decided to compile all commonly asked questions about JIA (Japanese Imperial Army) treasure signs on this post.

Animal Symbols

Many of you already encountered animal signs on their THing (treasure hunting) projects. They often either come in the form of an “engraved sign” or rock “forming a certain shape of an animal”. Encountering YMTS (Yamashita Treasure sign) symbolizing animal figure usually “indicate an important spot”. They are actually “pointers” giving you the hint to check or dig specific portion of your site.

Let us say for example that you found an engrave YMTS consisting of coiled snake with its head directly facing or pointing downwards into the ground. Thus, it is interpreted as “treasure deposit under”.

Note: All snake related signs also warns you of dangerous poison traps.

Diamond Treasure Sign

YMTS consisting of diamond symbols commonly refers to the contents of the hidden deposit which are “precious jewelries”. However, they can also be interpreted as “directional signs” especially when they are encountered buried under the ground.

Heart Sign

The most common and repeatedly asked YMTS is an engraved heart symbol or heart shaped rock. This particular sign is best interpreted as “treasure nearby deposit”. Other references also have slight similar meaning such as “treasure deposit buried under” and “wealth/fortune hidden on the spot”. However, most amateur THs (treasure hunters) often encounter heart shape rocks that are not really YMTS but just “natural form of rocks”. Thus, to determine if they are authentic treasure signs, there should always be presence of other “man-made” signs around.

Human Figure Signs

The majority of YMTS that are composed of human figures pertains to buried deposits consisting of golden Buddha. Some experienced THs jokingly interpret them as “buried dead human bodies”. Aside from giving a hint about the content of the hidden deposit, they also point you into the exact location or digging spot of the item. Assuming that you encountered an engraved human head on the surface of a rock, what you simply need to do is to follow the direction being stared by its own eyes and that will be the digging spot.

Rectangle with a Dot at the Center

If it happens that you encountered a sign which consists of a rectangle with a dot at the center, it means that the hidden treasure are composed of gold bars stored in a box or boxes. The rectangle actually represents the storage box while the dot denotes the valuable items.

Moreover, I will constantly update this post adding more commonly asked YMTS on the list above.