Clear Deposit in Triangle of Trees or Rocks | Yamashita Sign


Clear deposit in triangle of trees or rock is a Yamashita treasure sign composing of a triangle with a dot at the center. The triangle is actually a representation of a “triangular formation” of a group of large trees or rocks. As for the dot in the middle, it denotes the hidden item.

The overall interpretation of this symbol means, “The treasure deposit is buried at the center of the trees or rocks forming a triangle”.

Triangle Yamashita Sign

Commonly Asked Questions

Is the treasure deposit buried right under this sign?

The answer is “No”. As already stated above, the item is buried in the middle of rocks or trees in triangular formation.

Most amateur THs (treasure hunters) actually often dig under every signs that they encounter which is a “very common mistake”. Doing this is a complete waste of time, effort and energy. You have to know that the sign above is often engraved by the JIA (Japanese Imperial Army) a few distance away from the deposit site.

Does this sign tell what kind of deposit was buried?

Again, the answer is “No” but “if it is accompanied by some other signs” then they might tell something about the buried deposit.

What about the depth of the buried item?

This sign is only application on the “outside or surface environment” which unfortunately “does not tell anything about depth”. Anyway, once you started digging the correct spot, you will discover additional signs that can give estimate depth of the buried treasure.

How many deposits are buried around the site?

There is only one buried deposit which is indicated by the single dot inside the triangle sign. Thus, if it happens that there are several dots then it means that there are multiple hidden deposits. Unfortunately, there is only one.

Is it a good YMTS (Yamashita treasure sign)?

In my own personal opinion, the sign above is an “interestingly good” YMTS because it reveals the exact location of the hidden deposit. Considering that you encountered this sign, it gives you the hint to search for a group of trees or rocks forming a triangle. In most cases, they are composed of “three rocks or trees” situated apart but when connected together with an imaginary line, they form a triangle.

Once you found the group of trees or rocks being referred by the sign, locate the center portion and that will be the digging spot. Overall, it is a very good sign disclosing the exact location of the hidden treasure.

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