Dexpan Concrete Demolition for Philippine Treasure Hunters


Recently, the majority of comments that I replied were all issues regarding about breaking hard rocks and concretes. So to all fellow treasure hunters in the Philippines, I would like to introduce a commercial product known as Dexpan Concrete Demolition Agent.

Before we proceed on discussing more about Dexpan, let us have a brief discussion about how the JIA (Japanese Imperial Army) built those incredibly tough concretes.

The JIA actually used some kind of secret chemical formula that they often mixed into the cement. Based on my experiences as a TH (treasure hunter), I noticed that their concrete are composed of pure cement. They do not use sands as an added mixture. Although, they sometimes mix pebbles or broken pieces of clam shells on some of their concretes.

Using manual tools such as chisel and large hammer will not work against the hard concrete. Even the use of ordinary explosives will most likely result into failures.

Some THs refers to these extremely hard concrete as the “Japanese Bunker Grade II Cement”. It was a special cement that the JIA used in building their bunkers as shelters against their enemies attacking either from above or on the ground. Thus, the concrete can withstand powerful impacts of explosions.

Basic Instruction on How to Use Dexpan

Following the instruction on how to use Dexpan to break rocks and concretes is “very important”. Doing it incorrectly can lead to failure. So I suggest to “read the manual” and “perform some actual tests” before attempting to use it on the main object you intended to break.

Here are the following basic instruction on how to use Dexpan:

1. Three Easy Steps of Preparation

a. Drill the Holes

Use “Hammer Drill” for drilling the holes into the reinforced concrete. Recommended distances of the holes from one another must be at least 8 inches or 20 cm apart. As for the diameter, it must be at least 1.5 inches or 3.8 cm.


- Do not use ordinary type of drill bits because they will not last long enough. Diamond or tungsten (tip) drill bits is best recommended for drilling the holes.

- When drilling holes, it is important “not to over-heat” the drill bit. Take a break for every 5 to 10 minutes of drilling to allow the drill bit from cooling. Submerging the drill bit into a water also helps in cooling it down.

b. Mixing Dexan with Water

Using a flat bottom bucket, mix the required amount of water and bag of Dexpan. It is important to mix it well until the Dexpan is completely dissolved by the water. After thoroughly mixed, leave it for 10 to 15 minutes before pouring it into the holes.

c. Pouring the Mixture into the Holes

Before pouring the Dexpan mixture into the holes, you need to clean them first. You can use an air hose to get rid of the dusts and other particles inside.

When pouring the Dexpan mixture into the holes, make sure that “no air” gets trap inside but in most cases this can never be avoided. So if this happens, use a stick to poke into the hole several times allowing the air to escape out.

If filling a hole in vertical position, it is important to leave at least ½ to 1 inch of unfilled allowance. But for holes with horizontal positions, you will need a cap to prevent the Dexpan mixture from leaking out. The same thing applies for holes with inclined positions.

2. Dexpan will Crack the Object

Dexpan works by cracking the object according to the pattern that you drilled.

3. The Waiting Period – There will be No Noise or Vibration in the Breaking Process of the Object

The breaking process of the object will “not occur in an instant”. You need to wait at least 2 to 8 hours right after filling all the holes with the Dexpan mixtures. However, the waiting period can be much longer due to several factors involve such as the ambient temperature, humidity and hardness of the object. So for best results, it is recommended to wait at least 24 hours.

Can Dexpan Break Concretes made from Japanese Grade II Bunker Cements?

The answer is “Yes”. Me and my THing (treasure hunting) crew already used Dexpan several times with great amazing results. It is even “less hassle” and it is completely “safe”.

Unfortunately, the main issue here is the “unavailability” of this product in the Philippine market. Even if you attempt to purchase Dexpan online, shipment of this product in the Philippines is not supported.

Fortunately, I came across a company called “Johnny Air Plus”. Through their services, Filipinos can now purchase any products from Amazon which include Dexpan. You can read more about it on this post, Buying Dexpan….