Are Human Skeleton Considered Yamashita Treasure Signs?


Many THs (treasure hunters) often recover human skeletons on their diggings. So are they Yamashita treasure signs?

The answer is most likely “Yes”. Human skeletons are considered as YMTS (Yamashita treasure signs) indicating the distance of the hidden deposit as “close or nearby”. Even if the bones are incomplete, the meaning still remains the same. But on some cases, the skeletal bones can also be found along with the valuable hidden items.

Unfortunately, some inexperienced THs who happens to uncover human bones tends to panic covering their hole back not knowing that they are already very close to the deposit.

human skeleton

Confirming Humans Bones if it is an Authentic Yamashita Treasure Sign

Recovering human bones under the ground does not automatically mean that it is a Yamashita treasure sign. Further confirmation is required to make sure that the remains does not belong to some certain individual who got killed in the war and was not given proper burial.

Presence of Other Treasures Signs

It is important that there must be other authentic YMTS present around the site. Anyway, you will not be able to uncover the human skeleton without the signs unless you are just lucky digging the spot.

Human Skeleton Signs must be Buried Deep from the Ground

If it happens that you dug a human skeleton buried at a shallow depth then there is a huge possibility that “it is not a sign”. You could be digging a certain site which was used as graveyard or battlefield in the previous WW2 (Word War II). Thus, for human bones to be considered as YMHTS, it needs to be buried deep from the ground almost next right to the deposit.

Why the JIA Used Human Skeletons as YMTS?

The reason why it is common to encounter human skeletons on a certain site with positive Yamashita treasure deposit is that, the JIA (Japanese Imperial Army) killed their slaves and buried their bodies along with the treasures.

Aside from the slaves, they also betrayed most of their fellow soldiers just for the sake of keeping the secret locations of their hidden treasures to only trusted few. Pelimon Andrada (not his real name) was a WW2 survivor who witnessed Japanese soldiers who were tricked by their fellow comrades to their own demise. According to him, one of the Japanese military officer ordered most of his men to bring their war loots inside the tunnel. Deviously, the remaining Japanese soldiers outside detonated a powerful explosive from the entrance burying everyone alive inside the tunnel.

Perhaps another reason why the JIA had to put dead human bodies into the buried spot of their treasures is to put curse into their victims’ spirits. Through their curse, they can only set themselves free if someone can offer or give their demands. Otherwise, they will keep guarding the treasures. This subject is further discussed on this post, Troubled Spirit Guardians…