Troubled Spirits Guarding the Hidden JIA Yamashita Treasures


Did you know that most remaining hidden “Yamashita treasures” today are being “guarded by spirits”?

The JIA (Japanese Imperial Army) were actually the one responsible for the strong commitment of these troubled spirit. Due to them, these ethereal beings have their reasons to protect the treasures from any individuals attempting to recover them.

What are their reasons about why they cannot just leave the treasures and go to their rightful resting place?

During the previous WW2 (World War II), a lot of blood were spilled (including the innocents) just to hid those Yamashita treasures. Thus, their spirits will not just allow anyone especially a certain individual who is “not worthy” of recovering the precious items and “without offering” something they need in return. Although, most spirits simply want “proper burials of their remains”.

Troubled Spirit

Spirit of the Innocents/Slaves

The slaves who carried the heavy loads around the entire regions of the regions of the Philippines consists of Filipinos and different foreign captives taken from other countries. A WW2 survivor Pelimon Andrada (not his real name) who was one among the slaves who carried some cargoes of treasures on their way to the top of the mountains could not forget his tragic experience. He witnessed a lot of his fellow slaves losing consciousness due to extreme exhaustion, thirst and hunger. Unfortunately, anyone who shows such kind of weaknesses were taken alongside and killed on the spot. It is a very shocking revelation of what really happened in the past which should serve as a lesson for the new generation that “war brings nothing but tremendous sufferings and deaths”.

Aside from carrying heavy cargoes, the JIA also utilized their slaves to do the diggings for them. But the most atrocious war crime they ever committed was that, they murdered the slaves especially those who witnessed the locations of their hidden treasures. Some THs (treasure hunters) believes that they were offered as human sacrifices.

According to “Kuitchi Takazagi” (not his real name) who was a former JIA war veteran and survivor claim that some of his fellow soldiers practiced a certain “ancient tradition of human sacrifice”. This enabled them to trap the spirits of the dead to do their bidding until certain conditions are met.

In one of our THing (treasure hunting) projects, the treasure deposit was guarded by a certain spirit causing eerie feeling of its presence especially to the diggers. We later found out through our “spiritual medium” that the spirit was a mother craving for her lost child. So in return of giving up the treasure to us, she asked for a human child sacrifice!

Fortunately, we have a very reliable spiritual medium who managed to negotiate to the demand of the troubled spirit. So instead of offering a human child, we offered (an animal livestock) a “pig” and some various items particularly “women’s clothing”.

Later that day, our spiritual medium was exclaiming with great joy explaining that the “spirit revealed the exact location” of the hidden treasure to him before she finally left the place in peace. So without any hesitation, we dug the spot and recovered the buried deposit.

Spirit of the WW2 Soldiers

Aside from sufferings, the previous WW2 brought countless number of deaths especially to the soldiers of either side. But when it comes to the hidden Yamashita treasure, there was actually a “conspiracy involved”. Kuitchi claimed that there was an order received by their high-ranking military officers to eliminate most of their men involved in hiding their treasures. This was to prevent the possibility of keeping the secret locations of those valuable items from being leaked out.

So aside from sacrificing the lives of the innocents or slaves as discussed above, the JIA also murdered most their own men on similar manner. Thus, majority of troubled spirits guarding a certain Yamashita treasure are also composed of betrayed JIA soldiers.

Moreover, the most important aspect to remember when dealing a project that is being guarded by spirits is to “respect” their decision. If they are not yet ready or unwilling to give the treasure then it would be best to leave them. Attempting to recover the item despite the warning given by the spirit could result to tragic accidents or some unfortunate outcomes.