Treasure Hunter Association of the Philippines


One of the most popular treasure hunter association of the Philippines is TSEATC (The Southeast Asian Treasure Connection). They have been on the web even before I started this blog which means that they are offering a lot more valuable information. The members of this association are also composed of professional and experienced THs (treasure hunters).

TSEATC has been dealing with hidden treasures in the Philippines particularly the Yamashita treasures and just like me, they are also willing to help and assist anyone on their quest of recovering their own Japanese treasures.

Here is the official link into their webpage:

TSEATC WWII Treasures in the Philippines

What really makes TSEATC an interesting association for THs is that they are offering “financial” support or assistance to those that are in need to continue the excavations of their projects. But of course, they will have to survey your site and make sure that it contains positive deposit.

Update: Unfortunately, TSEATC is currently not offering financial assistance due to the reason that they are already overwhelmed with plenty of potential projects on their list. Anyway, simply check their website from time-to-time just in case they open their offer again.

TSEATC Gold Buyers

Anyone who managed to recover a Yamashita treasure consisting of gold bar deposits often bothered on how they are going to sell it. Some THs are actually contacting me privately asking for my help on how to dispose their findings.

There are two suggestions that I recommend on how to sell your gold bars. The first method is already covered on this post, Selling Yamashita Gold Items. The second method is to contact TSEATC because they claim that they have a group of “Excellent” gold buyers who are always ready to buy your item.

To all fellow THs, I highly recommend reading the page where TSEACT discussed the various methods of scammers on how they trick gold buyers and sellers. It really does help a lot.

TSEACT Shares a Copy of Yamashita Treasure Signs

Perhaps TSEACT are the once who first released some copies of the Yamashita treasure sign here on the internet. They are actually sharing 49 pages of THAPI codes including LUZVIMIN codes which are available for “Free Download”.

To all amateur THs, I suggest downloading TSEACT’s own copies of Yamashita treasure signs. I can confirm that they are “authentic Japanese treasure signs” because I also have similar copies of them in my own original references.

TSEACT Covers the Rules of Treasure Hunting in the Philippines

TSEACT also covered the rules or law that must be abided by every TH in the Philippines. Anyone who does not know how to follow the rules and regulations of THing (treasure hunting) could go to jail and penalized for damages.

According to TSEACT, there are two important guidelines that every THs should follow before starting their own project. First, they must apply for a “license or permit” to conduct THing on a certain area or place. Second, “Sharing Agreement” must be settled especially when the government is involve.

Insightful Information

Moreover, I urge anyone to visit TSEACT for more valuable information about THing. By joining into their own message board, you are free to ask interpretation of signs, advises, guidance and etc… I am pretty sure that somebody can even offer a more insightful information that I am. And finally, I just want to let you know guys that I have “no personal connection” to TSEACT. I only recommended them because they are a reliable source of information.