Black Coffin Treasure | Real or Fake


Upon hearing the word "Black Coffin Treasure", you might already have an idea regarding about it. Although, most people actually have the wrong impression that it is a black coffin filled with valuable treasures such as gold, diamonds and etc...

Unfortunately, this black coffin treasure does not contain valuable items but a highly dangerous "transuranic radioactive chemical element". It is a type of material used in creating powerful nuclear weapons. As for human benefits, it is used as nuclear reactors which provide a good source of energy.

According to some sources, the black coffin were carried by the U.S. Navy and for some unknown reason, they dropped them in the Philippine seas.

So is this Black Coffin treasure real or fake?

Again, according to some sources, there is no historical records from the US Military about the exact locations where these black coffins were dropped. There is also no claimed rewards for those who can find or retrieve them. This probably means that the US Military have no intentions of getting these black coffins back into their hands.

Determining the Real Black Coffin Treasure

Despite the fact that the US Military does not recognize giving rewards to those who can find the location of the black coffins, some Treasure Hunters are still in pursuit of finding them. Probably, they are thinking that if they can retrieve it, they can sell it into the black market.

Black Coffin Treasure

Exploring the water actually contains a lot of strange objects. There were even rumors that some fake black coffins were intentionally dropped into the Philippine seas in order to prevent any attempts of finding the real black coffins. But according to the source, the real black coffins are made out of metal box and they contain Serial Numbers.

The Danger Involve in Retrieving the Black Coffin Treasure

As mentioned above, Plutonium is a highly dangerous type of element. Any damages or even a slight puncture into the box can cause exposure into the element's highly toxic components. This could cause serious illness then later, death.

It is also said that, some small fishing boats powered by engines often stop when they get near the boxes. The fisherman will only be able to restart their boat engines when they manage to get far from their location.

Overall, why bother searching for the black coffin treasure while there are other more worth valuable treasures to search on the land involving less risk or danger.