Cheap Metal Detectors | Best for Beginners

Beginners of treasure hunting is best suggested to start on this enjoyable outdoor activity by purchasing their own "cheap metal detectors". But of course, don't simply stick to the word "cheap" because there are indeed a lot of low-priced metal detectors that aren't reliable.

In order for you to choose the right MD, it must fit your budget and it must be the perfect tool that you intend to use in your treasure hunting ground. So if you simply intend to search for lost coins or small objects that aren't buried too deep from the ground then its best to choose those with discrimination features. On the other hand, if you intend to search for large objects that are deeply buried down the ground then you need a 2-box type of metal detector.

The main reason why I urge beginners to start with a cheap MD is that, it trains you the required skills in detecting. So if the time comes that you have enough budget to buy one of those expensive and more sophisticated MD, you won't have a hard time handling it.

Cheap Metal Detectors

Other than training your basic skills of detecting, owning a cheap MD from the start will also teach you proper maintenance. You have to know that most MDs can easily get broken especially if not handled carefully and well cared. It is also important that your tool requires a place for it to store.

3 Best Cheap Metal Detectors for Coin Hunters

If you intend to search for lost coins, rings and other metallic collectibles that aren't buried too deep from the ground, the best metal detector for this job are those with discrimination features. This feature will actually allow you to distinguish trash (such as metal scraps, cans and etc...) from your intended target objects.

Here are the top 3 best cheap metal detectors that I recommend for coin hunters:

1. Bounty Hunter TK4 Tracker IV Metal Detector

What made "Bounty Hunter TK4" on the top 1 spot on my list is its simplicity or user-friendly feature. Unlike other MDs that requires constant adjustments into their sensitivity, Bounty Hunter TK4 is already equipped with automated circuitry that does the job for you.

Aside from being able to maintain its sensitivity, Bounty Hunter TK4 operates in three different modes:

a. Motion All-Metals Mode

- This setting will enable you to detect any buried metallic objects from the ground. So when you are using this mode, expect that you may find some trash.

b. Full Discrimination Mode

- Setting on this mode will reject all iron contents from the ground and all other sorts of trash.

c. Tone Discrimination Mode

- This mode enables an alert with either one or two audio tones of an array of different types of metals.

Bounty Hunter TK4's search coil and stem are also waterproof which allows you to submerge it on shallow water. And as for the most common question, "What is the maximum depth that the Bounty Hunter TK4 can detect?".

According to the manufacturer, it all depends to the size of the object. The bigger the size, the easier it can be detected. Based on the test that I conducted, it can detect a can with a diameter of 6 inches at a depth of 30 inches.

Bounty Hunter TK4 is available on Amazon at a cheap price of only $90.33

2. Fisher F2 Metal Detector

Second on my list is the "Fisher F2 Metal Detector". The main reason why I recommend it is that, most beginners have the bad habit of swinging their detectors fast with the aim to cover more grounds. This isn't good for most detectors where it needs to be swept at a normal pace. However, Fisher F2 has an impressive fast target response. This means that you can swing the search coil at a faster pace.

When it comes to its penetration capability, coins and other small objects can be easily detected at a depth of 6 inches.

What I really like most about Fisher F2 is its feature of identifying buried objects. The control box consists of eight-segment visual target ID which allows you to distinguish trash from an actual target. Aside from its visual indicator, it also offers four-tone audio ID which alerts you different metals that it is able to pick up. And, the best of its discriminating feature is its two-digit numeric target ID. It has a range that starts from 0 to 99 which can determine and display the type of metal found.

Fisher F2 Metal Detector is currently available at Amazon with a price of $200.96

3. Tesoro Silver uMax Metal Detector

If you prefer analog type of metal detector then you should choose "Tesoro Silver uMax". It will surely train your hearing aspect in locating your target.

The reason why I made Tesoro uMax as the 3rd best and cheap metal detector on my list is that, it has high accuracy in pinpointing the actual spot of the target. Based on my experience, the buried object is always 100% located at the center of the coil. Thus, when using Tesoro uMax, there's no need to use pin-pointer devices.

Tesoro uMax Metal Detector is available on Amazon at the current price of $254.15

Two Best and Cheapest Deep Penetrating Metal Detectors

When you intend to search for large objects buried at a deep depth then you should choose "2-box metal detectors". Most 2-box units available on the market today can actually be purchased at a price of $1,000 and below.

Currently, there are only two best and the cheapest deep penetrating metal detectors on my list.

1. Fisher Gemini 3 Two Box Metal Detector

"Fisher Gemini 3" has been holding the reputation for being the most reliable 2-box metal detector for treasure hunters. It actually have the capability to detect large size objects to as deep as 20 ft depth. However, its performance can be affected which depends on the ground mineralization.

Fisher Gemini 3 is available on Amazon at a price of $721.65

2. White's TM808 Metal Detector

"TM808" is the rival competitor of the Fisher Gemini 3. Many treasure hunters are actually debating on which among the two is the better metal detector to use.

White's Electronics TM808 is available on Amazon at a price of $740.04

Moreover, the prices of these cheap metal detectors may change in the future. They may either increase or decrease. But in most cases, their prices will most likely decrease especially when the manufacturers have produced new and improved models.