General Yamashita's Dream Book | Aquila Chrysaetos


Introducing to you guys a book entitled, "General Yamashita's Dream Book - How to Successfully Find Hidden Treasure in the Philippines" by Aquila Chrysaetos. This is a book that I do recommend for both beginners and well experienced treasure hunters in the Philippines.

If you are thinking that the person behind this book is me then you are completely wrong. Although, the person who is really behind this Yamashita Book is a friend of mine that goes by the name, "Dave". I actually mentioned him in one of my previous post which is about Dowsing. Please don't get the wrong impression that I am only promoting his book because he is my friend. That's not it.

I am promoting his book because it offers a good source of information about the hidden Yamashita treasure. In fact I already bought my own copy and read it several times. I am surprised that Dave covered a lot of topics that are all new to me. So after I finished reading it, I realized that it is the perfect book for every Filipino treasure hunters to read.

Just recently, Dave contacted me claiming that he visited us on this blog and read a lot of your comments. He probably noticed that majority of you guys are asking for interpretation of the signs that you have found. So he suggested that I should recommend his book to help you out. It's because after reading his book, "you will most likely be able to interpret the signs that you have encountered on your own".

More About Dave - Real Author of General Yamashita's Book

My friend Dave spent around 8 years here in the Philippines where he worked on various treasure sites. These sites include Angeles City, Bamban, Clark AFB Areas, Marivelles, Cebu, Glan, Gensan and Davao Mindanao. And the best part about him is that, he already helped a lot of Filipinos discovered Japanese or Yamashita treasures hidden in their properties.

This book was actually written by Dave intended for Filipino treasure hunters. It took him a total of 6 years on his research putting them all into his own writings. Included on his book are his compilation of Japanese treasure signs, Japanese Maps, photos of recovered gold items and photos of the sites that he worked together with his own team.

Currently, Dave's General Yamashita's Dream Book is available at the Amazon Online Store.

Moreover, Dave is a friendly person just like me. He is so easy to be approached and does not bite. So if you have purchased his book and there are some topics that you want to clarify to him then you can easily reach him via his email.

In addition to Dave's book, he is also an expert person when it comes to treasure bonds. My last conversation to him was all about the "Japanese Bond Boxes", specifically the 3x 1912 Kobe Sauna bond boxes. He actually have a very serious buyer in Swiss. And of course, he is also interested with other treasure bonds as well. Thus, when it comes to treasure bonds, Dave is my mentor.