Pendulum Dowsing for Hidden Treasures


Aside from the popular dowsing L-rods comes the "Pendulums". This is a tool consisting of a tipped object with a string of wire, chain or cord attached to the other end. The person performing the dowsing procedure will be holding the wire hanging the tipped object or the pendulum freely on the air.

As the dowser operates, the pendulum will either stay "still" or "swing" around. If it stays still or not moving, it means that no item can be detected from the area that is being dowsed. But if the pendulum swings or moves, it is a confirmation that the item is being detected.

Pendulum dowsers actually tends to communicate to their tool. Deep within their own mind, they will ask their pendulum questions like "Is the item hidden on this spot?, Is it here? Are there dangers involve? and etc...". Although, it is important that the question must be answered with a "Yes" or "No" only.

To answer a certain question, the dowser will have to keep the pendulum at perfectly still position. Assuming that the question is that, "Is the treasure hidden on this spot?" then this question must be followed by a condition on how the pendulum will respond. This condition is to ask the pendulum to rotate on a "Clockwise" direction if the answer is Yes. On the other hand, the pendulum will rotate on a "Counter-Clockwise" direction if its response is a No.

Hanging Pendulum

A complete beginner performing pendulum dowsing may find it quite a difficult process where they often end up moving the pendulum themselves. It is actually very important that the pendulum must not be moved by the dowser where the object has to move itself like it has a mind of its own.

Dowsing Hidden Treasures on the Map

Pendulum dowsing works best when performed on a map. So if you have a certain site that you would like to dowse, you can hand-draw a map of that area. If you know how to use Google Earth, zoom-in that area and then print a copy.

Once you have your map, you can now start pendulum dowsing by following the same instruction explained above.

Who Is Moving the Pendulum?

It is indeed very creepy when the pendulum moves on its own particularly when answering your questions back and you do not know how. You may think that there is probably a spirit or unseen entity moving it around. Gladly, it is not. What causes the movement is actually your own "intuition" yourself. It is the same mental aspect applied when using the dowsing L-rods.

What actually happens is that the pendulum simply acts as an amplifier of your own intuition.

Important Rituals Before You Start Pendulum Dowsing

It is basically important that you have to perform cleansing and energy charging of your pendulum before you can start using it or before keeping it to its storage. If you don't then, you will end up getting inaccurate responses to your questions. The best method to cleanse your pendulum is to offer it under direct sunlight for one whole day. As for energy charging, you have to hold it on your hands for about 5 to 15 minutes as you meditate or concentrate your energy on your pendulum.

After cleansing and charging your pendulum, you have to keep it somewhere else so that nobody can touch it but yourself. Most people do keep their pendulums on small velvet bags.


Moreover, pendulum dowsing may take plenty of your time before you can get good results. The key is to enhance your concentration and keep on practicing regularly. And surely, this will improve your pendulum dowsing skills.


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