Unique Wooden Antique Lucky Travelling Buddha


While on my vacation, my fellow treasure hunters in the Philippines contacted me about an interesting discovery which is a unique and antique "Wooden Lucky Travelling Buddha". Of course, they don't know anything about the Buddha until I told them that it was a lucky Buddha used by most Feng Shui experts to attract positive chi energy. For those who knows nothing about Feng Shui, this Buddha is known to bring "good blessings".

The wooden Buddha was discovered by a certain individual who claimed that he mysteriously dreamed about it. A spirit contacted him through his dream telling about the hidden Buddha and its location which is at a certain hidden cave. So he went into the location and dug the spot according to his dream. He was astounded when he found a concealed entrance to a cave.

Near the entrance, he discovered a wooden Buddha.

Here are the following photos of this interesting wooden Buddha (You can click on the images to enlarge it):

Front View

Wooden Buddha Front View

Back View

Right Side View

Wooden Buddha Right Side View

Left Side View

Wooden Buddha Left Side View

Top View

Wooden Buddha Top View

According to the person who found this wooden Buddha, he took it inside their house. And as a result, his family suddenly experienced some kind of illness putting the blame to the wooden statue. Thus, they took it out of their house and stored it somewhere safe outside.

Could Diamonds be Hidden Inside the Wooden Buddha?

"If General Yamashita or his other fellow Japanese Imperial soldiers hid this wooden Buddha, there must be something valuable on it such as diamonds". This is the most common perception of everyone about the statue so they decided to drill it on every part of its body.

They actually drilled the head, bottom, sides and it's back. As you can see on the photos above, the drilled holes are visible. However, none has been hit by the drill which seems to prove that the Buddha just consist of pure plain wood.

Speaking about the wood, this Buddha is made out of "Diospyros Blancoi" tree. The local Filipino term is "Kamagong".

The Wooden Buddha is a Japanese Treasure Sign

In my own opinion, this wooden Buddha is a Japanese treasure sign. It actually represents "Happiness and Wealth". This wooden statue simply indicates that inside that cave is a buried Yamashita or Japanese treasure that will surely bring happiness and wealth to the fortunate individual who uncovers it.

A laughing Buddha is a deity that belongs to the Chinese culture. And according to Feng Chui experts, the best place for them to be placed is at the spot where the image is overlooking at the entrance. This is exactly how this wooden statue was placed inside the cave according to the person who discovered it.

The size of this wooden Buddha is around 1 feet tall and 16 inches wide.