Makro New Jeohunter 3D Dual System Metal Detector

Since majority of you are asking me about the best tool we use in our treasure hunting projects, I would like to feature the "Jeohunter 3D Metal Detector System". Like any other metal detector, it is designed by the manufacturer to detect different types of metals underground. But, what makes it more reliable among others is that, it can actually detect targets even at extreme depths.

This equipment comes with three different search coils for different purposes and it is the key that allows you to discover gold or any various forms of precious metals underground. In my own personal opinion, it is the search coil and not the component’s box is what allows this device to penetrate deeper as compared to any other metal detectors.

As a treasure hunter here in the Philippines where we aim to find large cache of treasures, the Large Search Head is the perfect search coil to use. It actually covers the greatest depths and it allows you to cover large areas at the quickest amount of time.

Aside from deep penetration, the tool is designed to ignore small or non-valuable metal objects such as pull tabs and nails.

When it comes to its usability, Jeohunter 3D Metal Detector is designed to be user-friendly which means it can be used by an amateur or professional without any problem. This is actually due to its visual monitor that displays everything that is being searched by its Search Coil. In short, operating it is just a matter of turning it ON then you may now start detecting buried objects right away.


Some of the Outstanding Features

Full Color Visual Target Analysis

The best feature of this Jeohunter 3D model is its Full Color Visual Target Analysis Report. Through this function, you are able to see images of the target detected so as the type of metal it belong. If there are more than one object on a certain specific spot then you will be able to see each of them displayed on your visual screen. The large red letters on the screen indicates what type of metal has been found.

Accurate Target Depth & Size Analysis

As a treasure hunter, it is important for us to know “how large” and “how deep” is the buried object. This allows us to have the necessary preparations before digging. Thank goodness, Jeohunter 3D has this functionality to provide detailed analysis report of the target’s size and depth.

Locate Underground Caves and Tunnels

Jeohunter 3D Metal Detector is not just good at detecting precious metals underground. It is also designed to detect caves, cellars, graves and tunnels under the ground. This feature is what made this device so powerful and the favorite choice by most treasure hunters.

Targets are divided into Four Categories

The visual analysis will show you the specific metal you have located, gold, non-ferrous, steel and iron. No need for a separate computer or software, everything you need is built right in to the Jeohunter 3D Metal Detector. At the click of a button, results are displayed to you instantly in the field.

Real Time Graphical Image Analysis

Through Jeohunter’s graphic display, you can see everything with your own eyes through its monitor. It has an advance visual image system that allows you to analyze what has been detected before even decide if you want to start digging.

So how do I get one?

This awesome metal detector has made treasure hunting very easy and fun as never before. From the comfort of your home just log on to your Amazon account and place an order where it will get shipped to your door step. It’s that simple!

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