Large Yamashita Treasure Found – Secretly Recovered and Disposed


This post actually have something to do with my long absence being inactive both here on my blog and on my FaceBook page.

In the past previous months, one of my trusted friend who is also our trusted gold buyer suddenly called me on the phone. He asked me to help him assist in transacting several Yamashita gold bars recovered by their anonymous client. But at first, he accused me that I might have something to do with the recovery which I don’t.

Out of curiosity and doubts that they might be dealing with professional swindlers, I decided to help them out. Besides, the owner of the Gold Buying Company, as I stated above, is a one close friend of mine.

Inspecting the Yamashita Gold Bars if it’s fake or real

There are already several scary stories of professional scammers who sold fake gold bars and were able to run away with it. Many have fallen even from a very simple trickery by the scam artist. So if you are a gold buyer, it is always important to follow a strict rule of inspecting the authenticity of the item if it’s “real or fake” so as how you handle the transaction process.

If you are the gold buyer, it is very important that you are given the permission to test the item on-sight by both parties. The tester should be able to touch or take tiny piece of samples which depends on the method he or she intend to use. However, every process must be done and closely observed by both parties. Take note, if the item goes off-sight by either parties, hideous fraud could happen the reason why it must not be allowed.

Going back to my story, we carried multiple tests on the gold bars which came out with authentic result. Since the seller was so confident that the gold bar being tested was real, they even allowed us to chop it down into smaller pieces. As a final result, the gold bar was entirely legit.

The seller sold several gold bars, all tested and authentic.

Interview with the Treasure Hunter who found the Yamashita Gold bars

I talked to the seller (there were three of them) trying to get as much information from them but they were too careful with their words not to disclose any specific information especially about the location of their site. According to them, they are a large group of treasure hunters where all those gold bars they sold were just a small piece of their own share.

Their group consisted of 15 members and they did not just uncovered gold bars but golden Buddha, jewelries and some sorts of precious antiques as well. They believed that they had uncovered a large Yamashita treasure deposit which in my own opinion, they probably did if all what they stated was true.

As a large group, they decided to dispose small portions of their findings to various separate gold buying shops to minimize the risks of getting scammed. We were able to confirm it by contacting other gold buyers through my friend who has good business relation to them.

In just a matter of few weeks, there was a rumor in the gold buying business community that a large amount of gold commodity was dumped or sold. This caused a minor impact on the Philippine gold market where the price slightly fell down. What really makes the rumor interesting was that, the source of the dumped gold didn’t came from mining but from a recovered Yamashita treasure.

Gold Bar Buyers in the Philippines must Stay Cautious

Despite about this motivational experience that I had and shared, gold buyers in the Philippines must still stay cautious especially when dealing with claimed recovered Yamashita treasure. Majority of them are still syndicates or scammers trying to find victims that could fall into their deceitful schemes.

It’s not actually just buyers but being cautious also applies to legit sellers as well. Thus, it is always important that both parties must always come into terms that eliminates every possibility of getting scammed on both sides.

Why Found Yamashita Treasure must be Disposed Secretly?

As an important part of the transaction process, it must be carried out secretly. You do not want to call the attention of the media or authorities which might even result into the confiscation of the item.

If it happens that authorities got involved, you may be given a small share of percentage for being the finder which often fall between 20 to 30 percent only. The rest will go to various claimed government institutions including museums. So for those who doesn’t believe or have doubts in the existence of the Yamashita treasure buried in the country, this is just one of the main reason that explains why there is insufficient proof that goes out to the public. Treasure hunters would actually rather choose to dispose their gold secretly than acquire attention.

How would you feel if you have a job and you are only getting 20 to 30 percent of your salary because of various taxes being deducted? It is a very similar case when a found Yamashita treasure by a certain individual goes into the hand of the authority. Thus, it’s always best to dispose it secretly as the wisest choice.

As a treasure hunter myself, our job isn’t like any ordinary job with guaranteed regular payday. As long as you don’t find a treasure, you don’t get paid. Due to this reason, many have actually tried but they failed and gave up. I’ve even heard terrible stories that treasure hunting had ruined their lives where they even went to the extent of committing suicide. Thus, as a treasure hunter, I strongly believe that the finder should legitimately and fully own the recovered item. Unfortunately, this isn’t the case which is very disappointing that I would rather keep my findings strictly confidential.

I already made a post about Selling Your Recovered Yamashita Gold findings where you can chop it into small pieces and then melt it before selling to various gold buying shops. I do recommend to choose gold buyers who are catered for miners. It’s because they don’t often ask or care about where you got your gold as long as it is in melted form. And most importantly, don’t sell them all at once or in just a short period of time. At least give a proper time interval.

Moreover, the group of treasure hunters who sold a few of their finds told us that they will come back again especially when gold hits a good price.