Basic Method for Testing Diamonds


Before you can sell your diamonds, it actually has to undergo a series of tests to confirm their authenticity. Expert appraiser actually have special tools that aids them on their inspection. They use heat probe, microscope, UV, X-Ray and etc...

As treasure hunters, we normally find strange and precious looking stones or jewelries and wonder if they are diamonds or not. It would really be a hassle for us running to an expert appraiser just for us to know.

In order to avoid such hassle, there are actually some basic methods that you can perform to test a diamond without the need of consulting the professionals.

Real Diamond

Method 1: The Fog Method

This method is called "The Fog Method" because you will be fogging the suspected diamond object with your own mouth. The process is similar by blowing a warm breath of air coming from your mouth to a glass or mirror. When you perform this to the suspected diamond object and the fog remained for a couple of seconds then it is not a diamond. A real diamond won't fog up so easily. If it does, it will clear right away in just a matter of seconds.

A better way to utilize this method is that you need a real diamond which you can use to compare from the object that is being tested. What you have to do is to hold them both then at the same time, fog them up and notice their differences. If the tested object remained fogged while the real diamond turned clean then it means that the object being tested is not a diamond. Try to blow more warm breath repeatedly on both objects, you will notice that the real diamond will remain clean and clear while the other object becomes more foggy.

Method 2: Glass of Water

On this second method, you need to prepare a glass of water or any water container to test if the object will either sink or float. You have to know that diamonds have high density which means that they will sink. Thus, if the object being tested floated to the top or in the middle then it means that it is not a diamond.

However, there are some objects that also have properties that allows them to sink down the water. So I only recommend this method as a secondary testing procedure.

Method 3: Heat Temperature

This is my favorite testing method which involve heat. What you need is a candle and a glass of cold water. Take note, the colder the water the better.

Light up the candle then use a tong or similar tool to hold the object and then heat it up for about 30 seconds. Then, immediately drop the object right into the glass of cold water. If the object is not a diamond, the object will suffer minor breakage. But if it's a real diamond, nothing happens to it.

Method 4: Scratch the Object

This method is not really recommended unless you do not care about the object being tested if it gets damaged. You will actually going to scratch the object. The best way to do it is to use a sandpaper for scratching the surface. If it happens that the surface got scratched then the object is not a diamond. A real diamond won't actually get scratched.