Selling Your Recovered Yamashita Gold


After working hard and putting a lot of sacrifices in hunting for the hidden Yamashita treasure, you have finally recovered one of the hidden deposits. However, the challenge doesn't end there yet. The next challenge is on how you are going to sell your recovered treasures.

You have to know that if you do not know what you are doing then you may end up falling into the hands of the scammers. Or worst, you may end up dealing to a syndicate who wants to confiscate your gold and puts your life into a serious risks. I actually knew some treasure hunters who got killed or murdered just because of dealing with the wrong kind of people.

If you asks people or search online, there are many of them claiming that they can buy your gold findings. Warning, don't fall for them because you don't even know these people. There's a very high chance that they have "bad intentions".

So how do you sell your recovered gold treasures Sir Elmo? You probably ask.

For us, we already have a legitimate buyer whom we know and trust. We have been selling most of our findings to him for several years now without any problem. And because of us, he also made a lot of money out from the gold that we sold to him. Unfortunately, he does not buy gold from any other people he does not know. So sorry guys.

How to Sell your Yamashita Treasure Gold?

Assuming that you do not know any trusted buyer like me, your best option is to follow these three simple steps:

Step 1: Melt Your Gold

Gold Bar

Gold can be easily melted. So melt your gold then turn them into small pieces like the size of marbles (ball). These process will take some time especially when you have recovered plenty of gold bars to melt.

Step 2: Sell to Local Gold Buyers

Local Gold Shop

Take one piece of the gold that you just melted and visit any local gold buyers. Selling a small piece of gold won't be a problem to them and they don't even ask you question about it. Although, some of them may get curious and ask you where you got it but you can just tell them a lie. Take note, never tell anyone that it's a Yamashita treasure that you recovered or you will be putting yourself at risk.

Never sell your gold pieces repeatedly to a one local gold buyer. You have to distribute your gold to different buyers. If it happens that you are going to sell your gold for the second or third time to the same buyer, you need to wait for at least another one to two months period.

This process may take time but it's the safest method of disposing your gold.

Step 3: Hire an Attorney


If you now have earned a decent amount of money out from Step 2 and you wanted to sell all of your remaining gold in one go then you should hire an Attorney. Your attorney will be the one who will negotiate to a legitimate buyer and makes sure that all transaction procedures are safe and secure.