Meaning of an X Mark or Code


Common to all treasure maps, the location of the buried or hidden object is usually indicated by an "X mark or code". The only challenge is finding the actual place and locate the exact spot with the X symbol. Assuming that you had found that particular spot, all you have to do is to dig it until the buried object has been uncovered.

If it happens that you dug the spot and had already reached several meters deep down the ground and still you found nothing, it only means that you are at the wrong place.

When it comes to Japanese hidden treasures, an X sign doesn't always indicate the exact location of the deposit. In most cases, it means that at that spot or nearby are some other clues that are worth checking out. So what you have to do when you encounter an X sign is first, inspect the nearby surroundings. Look for old trees and rocks that are strangely arrange or aligned especially when they forming a triangle.

If you noticed nothing then the second step is to dig under the X mark. Take note, digging under an engrave X sign does not guarantee that the treasure was buried underneath it. So as you dig, I suggest that you should take a close observation to every rocks and types of soil that are being taken out. It's because you might uncover rocks with another engraved sign. And depending on that sign, it may tell you to change your direction. As for the type of soil, you will know when to stop digging if you noticed that you have already reached the original layer.

Other Interpretation of an X Sign

An X sign seems to be a very simple symbol but to tell you, it is a very complicated sign with several different meanings. Here are the following meanings of this symbol in relation to treasure hunting:

1. Target

- X means a target, meaning the main location of the hidden object. As I already stated above, most treasure maps commonly use an X mark in indicating the hidden location of the treasure.

2. + or Cross

- If you are going to look at the X symbol at a different angle, it will probably become a + or cross. You have to know that the cross sign is also another common treasure symbol.

3. Stop it's Dangerous

- An X sign can also mean "Stop" or "Don't Proceed", it's probably because there is a trap that lies ahead.

4. 24 or 10

- X is commonly used in the field of Mathematics Algebra especially in solving equations. The relationship of the number 24 into this symbol is that, X is the 24th letter in the English Alphabet. While in Roman Numerals, X refers to the number ten.

These two numbers often have something to do with distances.

Treasure Map X Sign

The meaning of an X mark or code is really a very complicated issue. It's really hard to interpret its meaning unless you found another sign. Let's assume that there is an arrow that is directly pointing right into the X symbol. With the presence of the arrow sign, you are confident that X means target or  its the exact location of the hidden treasure.