Meaning of an X Mark or Code


If you have an old map then the location of the buried or hidden treasure is usually indicated by an X mark. You just have to simply find the exact location of the place where the X mark points-out and then keep digging until you are able to reach the object. Failing to reach the treasure after making a lot of digging on the area could mean that you are at the wrong place.

Sometimes, there are objects around the area of your target that are marked with an X sign. All you just have to do is to dig the ground or search the area under the X mark. This sign does not guarantee you that the treasure is located beneath the mark where you might find other object which directs you into another spot.

A similar code for an X is the Cross but they are of different meaning. The Cross sign does not indicate that the buried treasure can be found directly underneath but on the surroundings. Searching for the buried items with this type of sign will involve more effort and work on the part of the hunters. It’s also the reason why you have to rely on your reliable detectors.

Moreover, the X sign does not guarantee that the object in search is always buried under the mark or the item that you are trying to find. There are instances that it could be a trap where you might end-up digging a bomb or a poison. It’s always best that you should take caution at all times. Dig carefully and use metal detector to be aware of any presence of metallic objects.

Other familiar meanings of an X mark means to Delete, Cancel and Obliterate.

Why X is commonly used as the pointer for the exact location of buried treasures?

This symbol has various meaning but the closes relationship is that X also mean the “Target”. It is also commonly used in the field of Mathematics Algebra for solving equations. Furthermore, it is the 24th letter in our English Alphabet and it indicates number ten in the Roman Numerals.