Deposit around the Tree or Rock Triangle


If you already have some treasure hunting experiences then you might have encountered those old trees with some marking signs on them. The only problem about those trees used by the Japanese soldiers a long time ago is that the tree might had been able to recover itself from those markings covering them with their newly fresh bark of skins. However, there are still some old trees where the markings signs had been preserved at unexplained conditions. Some says that the Japanese soldiers are using some sort of liquid material to preserve the engraved signs.

Other than the trees, the Japanese soldiers from the World War II also used huge rocks as a sign for their hidden treasures. These rocks aren't the typical size of being able to grab them and throw at a far distances. They are those huge mass of rocks that could stand countless period of time.

Thinking that your place does have a lot of huge rocks around, you may want to consider taking a survey of your area. But, it doesn't necessarily mean that since there are a lot of huge rocks everywhere then there was a hidden treasure somewhere around. There are several conditions that need to be considered and one of them is to search for three huge rocks forming a triangle when connected together from their different spots.

Actually, the rocks don’t have to be composed of three but it can be more as long as it forms a triangular formation. This kind of method was also applied by the Japanese on those old trees and any other objects around the environment.

Rock Triangle Sign

Above is an image that illustrates a sign that pertains to a Deposit around the Tree or Rock Triangle. When you have encountered this particular type of sign on your treasure hunting activity then you should start digging just around the corners of the trees or rocks. You can call for my help if you need a hand of digging out the treasure (just kidding…).