Deposit around the Tree or Rock Triangle | JIA Treasure Sign


The JIA (Japanese Imperial Army) in WW2 (World War II) hid the majority of their war-loot treasures on places consisting of larges rocks and trees. They choose such locations because they actually used these surrounding objects as treasure signs.

When it comes to large rocks, they will either marked them with engrave signs or moved them on some certain locations. Moving large boulders of rocks were possible for them due to the number of their slaves. As for the trees, they will also either marked them with signs or plant them on some certain locations.

On this discussion, let us focus about “moving the rocks” and “planting trees” to some certain locations as Yamashita treasure signs.

One of the things that bothers me when it comes to JIA treasure signs is that, “they love to use triangles” as their basis. So when it comes to large rocks, the JIA often arranged them in “triangular formation”. This formation often consist of three huge rocks situated on three different spots that when “imaginary connected” together, they form a triangle. They also did the same to the trees but by planting them.

So if it happens that you noticed on your prospective site a strange arrangement of rocks or trees as describe above, it could be a JIA treasure sign. But in order to confirm, THs (treasure hunters) must explore the area for any other possible signs especially “markings”.

Here are some of the following JIA treasures signs relating to hidden treasure deposits within triangular formations of rocks or trees:

Encountering a similar treasure sign illustrated below means that “the object is hidden within or inside the group of rocks or trees” with triangular formation. As you can see, the triangle consist of a dot in the middle. This clearly emphasize that the object is hidden in the “center portion” of the surrounding rocks/trees.

This next triangle sign has the same exact meaning explained above. Although, the symbol consists of two triangles with a “plus sign” (+) and a “dot” on top of it. The two triangles actually signifies the “surrounding trees or rocks” while the plus sign means “at the center” and the dot representing the “hidden item”. In short, the treasure is hidden in the middle of the trees or rocks.

Unlike the other two previous signs above, the interpretation of this third triangle sign is “deposit around the triangle of trees”. Thus, it means that the buried spot of the item can be anywhere within the surrounding area of the trees. However, you will notice on the sign that it consist of a “short tail” on top of it. This is a clue which means that the object is hidden “nearby a bended tree”.

Encountering just a plain triangle sign indicate that the “object is hidden in one among the corner of the trees or rocks”.

This triangular sign is almost similar to the first sign introduced above. But the slight difference is that, the dot is “near one of the corner” of the triangle. This means that the object is hidden near one of the corner of the trees or rocks.

On this sign, it is composed of “three dots” inside the triangle. This actually means that there are three separate deposits hidden within the “inside area” of the trees or rocks with triangular formation. It specifically means that the object is buried right at the corners of each trees or rocks.

This is another triangle sign indicating that there are three separate deposits but they are buried “outside” the corners of the trees or rocks.

And finally, this triangle sign also indicate that there are three separate deposits hidden “in-between” each of the trees or rocks.