Deposit around the Tree or Rock Triangle


If you already have some treasure hunting experiences, then you might had encountered those old trees with some marking signs on them. The only problem about some of those trees marked by the Japanese soldiers a long time ago was that, the tree might had been able to recover itself from those markings covering them with their newly fresh bark of skins. However, there are still some old trees where the marked signs had been preserved at unexplained conditions. Some says that the Japanese soldiers applied some sort of chemical liquid that preserved the engraved signs.

Other than the trees, the Japanese Imperial Army from World War II also used huge rocks as a sign of hidden treasures. These rocks aren't the typical size of rocks around where you can grab and throw them at far distances. They are those with huge massive sizes of rocks.

Thinking that your place does have a lot of huge rocks around, you may want to consider exploring around your area for any possible signs. Take note, it doesn't necessarily mean that when there are a lot of huge rocks around your place, it doesn't mean that a treasure was hidden somewhere around. There are several conditions that need to be considered and here are some of them:

1. Huge Rocks Forming a Triangle

You should be able to find rocks that were seem to be intentionally arrange in a manner that when you connect them with an imaginary line, they form a triangle. In most cases, the rocks consists of three pieces but this isn't always the case. It's because there can be more than three pieces of rocks laying around but most importantly, they form a triangle when connected.

This method of triangular formation of rocks were also applied by the Japanese soldiers in other objects such as trees, mountains, old structures and etc...

2. Look for Signs

If there are so many rocks around your prospected site but you cannot find any signs then the area might not be positive of any hidden treasure. You have to know that the presence of sign alone is already good enough to confirm the presence of a hidden deposit.

3. Strange Arrangement

Observe the rocks especially their arrangement. If you noticed that their arrangement seems not natural where they were seem to be intentionally piled or moved around, it means something which needs a closer investigation.

Rock Triangle Sign

Above is an image that illustrates a sign that pertains to a Deposit around the Tree or Rock Triangle. If it happens that you encounter this type of sign on your treasure hunting activity, you should look around your surroundings for any old trees or rocks particularly a group of old trees or rocks forming a triangle.

As you can see on the figure above, the triangle has a short tail on top of it. What it means is that, the tree or rock on that portion is where the item was hidden.