Treasure to One Side of Tree or Rock Triangle


Most recovered hidden treasures of the Japanese empire here in the Philippines were those hidden from old trees and huge boulder of rocks. The reason why the Japanese soldiers prefer to choose these two objects was that, both trees and rocks can withstand through long period of time. But unfortunately, they were wrong. We people on this new generation are endlessly cutting trees for woods and gathering rocks for walls or foundations.

People who cut trees for a living are called "Tree-Loggers". It isn't actually easy to just go into the forest and cut trees anywhere around. Today, it requires permission from the government specifically the DENR (Department of Environment and Natural Resources) before you are allowed to cut trees. Thus, individuals who cut trees without permission from the DENR are called "Illegal-Loggers". You have to know that illegal-logging is punishable by law.

With regards about Japanese treasures, some tree-loggers were fortunate enough to find gold-bars stored inside tree-trunks that they had cut.

How about the rocks?

Just like trees, rocks has also many uses. In the field of construction, rocks are often used for the main foundation of the structure which provides good support. In highways especially roads that goes around the mountains, rocks are also importantly used for foundations and walls.

We have already discussed several times in the past previous posts how the Japanese hide their treasure inside rocks. They actually used powerful chemicals that can easily dissolve rocks. With this type of chemical, they can create holes in just a matter of minutes. Sealing the opening is also as easy as creating a hole.

Contractors had to break rocks especially large rocks so that they can evenly arranged them on the foundation before applying cement. In the process of breaking rocks, there were some cases where Japanese hidden treasures were exposed.

Moreover, below is an image of a Japanese treasure sign which has a triangle shape which means, ‘Treasure to One Side of the Tree’ or ‘Rock Triangle’. A clean triangular sign like this tends to be very confusing. But what I am sure about is that, there are three important corners around the area. One of those corners was the location of the hidden treasure but in some rare cases, all three corners can have deposits.

One Side of Tree Sign

Three Rocks that Forms a Triangle

To share you one of my experience about this Japanese treasure sign, we had found three huge rocks that were placed equally apart from one another where they form a triangle (they really doesn't have to form a perfect triangle) when you connect them together with an imaginary line. On each corner of the three rocks, we were able to recover the buried items. On the first rock, we recovered 2 pairs of samurais. Second, about 500 pieces of Spanish old coins. And third, unidentified egg-shaped colorful and shiny stones.

Three Old Trees that Forms a Triangle

Me and my group had encountered a very similar situation just like our experience above. But this time, the rocks were in the form of trees. Three old huge trees when connected with an imaginary line, they do form a triangle. However, we only found one deposit on one of the corners of the old trees.

Overall, whenever you encounter this Treasure to One Side of Tree or Rock Triangle sign, it's always best to check or dig all three corners.