Treasure to One Side of Tree or Rock Triangle


Most recovered hidden treasures of the Japanese empire here in the Philippines are those that are placed on old trees and huge boulder of rocks. The reason why they prefer to choose these two objects is that they could stand through time. But actually they are wrong since on this new generation of ours, trees have been continuously cut off and big rocks are harvested to be used to build walls.

Those whose jobs are to cut trees and deals with the rocks are the lucky individuals who accidentally obtain such hidden treasures. If you know some of these people then ask them about treasures and it is for sure that they have something to share from their own experience. Most of them will tell you that they knew someone who found a treasure by accident and no longer works a hard labor. If you would like to conduct more of your investigation then you might want to search those individuals that they refer as lucky treasure founders.

Moreover, what we have here below is an image of a Japanese treasure sign in the form of a triangle shape which means, ‘Treasure to One Side of the Tree’ or ‘Rock Triangle’. Since a triangle consists of three corners, my interpretation is that there can be more than one treasure hidden on that particular area.

One Side of Tree Sign

Actually, it’s not just my mere interpretation wherein it’s an interpretation based from my own actual experience. It all started when we had found three huge rocks that are placed apart forming a triangular formation. It wasn't perfectly forming a triangular formation which doesn't really matter as long as it forms near a triangle formation. On each of the three set of rocks, we are able to recover the buried items and sad to say that we had to surrender them to the government’s museum for public display purposes.

In addition to my interpretation, the Japanese soldiers had also made use of the trees. The same condition applies where the trees are planted in triangular formation and you can find the hidden item exactly near the trees itself. However, others claim that only one corner has the hidden treasure but it’s still worth checking the other two corners just to clear the doubts.