General Yamashita Treasure Codes and Signs in the Philippines


Throughout the entire regions of the Philippines, Yamashita treasure signs can be encountered by almost anyone around. These signs often come in the form of markings engraved on the surfaces of old rocks, trees, concretes and even old houses. Although, people who often come across these strange symbols simply ignore them. It is probably because they do not know how to read or interpret these signs.

Interpreting Yamashita treasure codes, signs or symbols is “not actually an easy task”. It requires a lot of researching, consultation to the experts and actual encounters of these markings on the field.


Amateur THs (treasure hunters) are advised to start gaining knowledge by doing “research” about the “Yamashita Treasures”. The internet actually offer an endless amount of information about this subject. You can also purchase books authored by experienced THs.


The internet is not yet available when I first started my THing (treasure hunting) career. Thus, I started by “consulting” different individuals with some knowledge and interest about the Yamashita treasures. By taking notes and compiling them, I now have a journal consisting of over a thousand pages with priceless pieces of information to share.

Currently, I am consulting a JIA (Japanese Imperial Army) War Veteran under the fake name of “Kuitchi Takazagi”. I already shared his interesting story on this post, Gold Buddha Hidden....

Actual Signs

Encountering an “actual sign” in the field is by far the best learning experience in interpreting Yamashita treasure signs. This is the reason why it pays to visit a certain site with already recovered treasure deposits allowing you to study the clues around it.


Yamashita Treasure Sign Interpretation Scam

To all amateur THs, beware about a certain group of scammers claiming themselves as professional THs who can accurately interpret Yamashita treasure signs for you but at the expense of paying them a certain amount of money in return. This is clearly a scam. If their claim of being able to interpret signs correctly is true then they would rather find a prospective site of their own and recover the treasure for themselves. Unfortunately, they do not.

As the author of this blog, I myself do not claim that all of my “interpretations are accurate”. Despite of my long years of experience on this industry, “I can still be mistaken”. Anyway, all information I share on this blog particularly my responses to my readers and subscribers about their questions and concerns are “completely free”.

General Yamashita’s Treasures Codes are Now Available Online

The internet now offers a good list of General Yamashita’s treasure codes. So for amateur THs, I suggest that you collect and save them in your computer’s hard drive. You may also want to print hardcopies so that you can take them on your actual prospective sites.

At some point, you may encounter a certain sign that is not on your list of codes. On cases like this, the first step is either take a photo of the sign or draw it on a piece of paper. The second step is to consult the experts by posting your sign in various THing forums. There are plenty of them such as Thunting and TreasureNetForum. Aside from these forums, you can also send it to me and I will try my best to interpret its meaning for you.

Moreover, some of you are asking for the softcopies of my complete Yamashita treasure codes. Unfortunately, I originally acquired most of my collection of codes via offline sources. Thus, I am still on the process of making soft version copies of them. Currently, you can check some of the signs that I completed under the Yamashita Codes Compilation category.