Do Dowsing Rods Really Work?


Many treasures hunters often ask the question, "Do dowsing rods really work?". As my own personal opinion, it all depends to the individual or user of the tool. In other words, "it works" for some while "it does not work" for others.

Dowsing rod is not actually just a tool to detect hidden treasures buried underground. It is more popularly used to locate water and mineral deposits. And surprisingly, this tool is also used to find missing people, missing objects, ghosts and buried land mines during the previous wars. In general, it can actually detect "anything!".

It is indeed a very quite intriguing tool used for locating missing or hidden items. However, there are only few individuals who can dowse with good accuracy. The reason is that, gaining a good dowsing skill really takes a lot of patience and plenty of time for practice.

I actually came to know a friend named, "Dave" who spent several years in the Philippines searching for the missing Yamashita Treasure. His specialty in locating hidden or buried deposits is by using dowsing techniques.

Dowsing L Rod

So I asked him some questions about dowsing and he gave me the following tips and advises:

1. Anyone Can Dowse

Dave strongly believe that anyone can dowse and produce successful results. He stated that, "if he can do it then you can also do it". These words alone greatly motivated me to pick up my dowsing rods and started practicing.

2. Dowsing Does Work

According to Dave, the most important aspect of dowsing is that you must first be able to tune into the frequency vibration of your target that you are trying to search. Let's say that you are trying to locate gold item, thus, you must tune your vibration similar into the vibration of gold. In order for you to do that, you need to take hold of something that is also made out of gold.

We humans emits a frequency vibration of 11 Hz which is a very low level of frequency while gold does vibrates at a higher level of frequency. By holding a gold on your hand, this will help you tune yourself up like a radio into the frequency level of gold allowing you to pinpoint the location of your target that is also made of gold.

3. Dowsing Techniques

Dave also mentioned about the three different dowsing techniques which are the dowsing rods, pendulums and right hand palm methods. According to him, the dowsing rods and the right hand palm methods are the best techniques in finding and tuning into gold item targets.

As an extra added motivation about dowsing, Dave mentioned about one of the world's famous spoon bender and Psychic, "Uri Geller". Using the right hand palm technique, he was able to locate the largest oil field in Mexico. While flying on a plane over the country, he did it by holding a little tube of oil on his left hand while his right hand was outside the aircraft window. Through his right hand, he could sense the presence of oil down below.

The sense of feeling onto your right hand especially when the object is right down below your spot will tend to become hot. This means that the hotter it gets, you are tuned into the frequency of the object which mean you are very near to it.

Do Simple Dowsing Rods made of Wire Hangers Work?

You may find that dowsing rod products in the market can be quite pretty expensive for your pocket. The good thing is that, you can actually make your own homemade dowsing rod by simply using wire hangers. But the question is, "Does it work?".

Experts will absolutely say "Yes" into that question. Even Dave recommends it. In fact, the original dowsing rods used by people in the past were twigs or branches forming either an L or Y shape. And surprisingly, it works great which makes no difference to any of those commercial dowsing rod products.

Again, the key to the success of dowsing your target does not come from the tool. It is all about tuning your frequency vibration into the frequency vibration of your target. The tool will only act as a medium that will help you pinpoint the exact location of the item that you seek.

Dowsing Tool

Moreover, if your dowsing rods suddenly becomes unstable then experts claims that it must have gained too much energy due to overuse. If this is the case, they do suggest that you need to put oil on your tool and then put it down for awhile before using it again.

Additional Info:

1. "Short" length size of the rod tends to pick-up high frequency signals while "Long" length size of the rod picks up low frequency signals.

2. You can wear a gold ring to tune into the frequency vibration of a gold target. If you don't have a gold ring then you can simply clip a small piece of gold in-between your fingers.